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Brian C. Welch
I realized very early in my life that mine was not going to be an ordinary life. I never quite fit in, I looked at things differently than most. I have always been motivated by "the way it feels." Logic and tradition never made any sense to me. The way things feel is what is important to me, the way it touches the soul is truly all I want to know about. 

So I began the search early on to find what touched the soul, was it music? Well, yes, but I am a tone deaf white boy, so no musical career for me, is it Art? Yes, again, but no talent there either. About 11 years ago I picked up a camera, I looked through the lens into the eyes of a beautiful woman and POW!!!! my life changed forever. I could see the soul of the subject and feel it touching mine and could not wait to share that with the world. I have not set that camera down since and continue to feel the same joy and excitement every time I get the chance to see the beauty of the soul and share it with the world. 

I am completely self taught, I have attended some college level courses to keep up with the changing technology.. I recently started using a professional Digital camera as many of the clients I service on a freelance basis are making the transition. I still prefer to use my 35mm manual cameras and 6x6 medium format for the simple fact that it takes more effort and concentration to complete the image and allowing more freedom to create and spend that much more joyous time doing what I live for. 

I make 100% of my living with a camera, I shoot for many glamour magazines and web sites. I have a large client that I shoot travel photography for , I provide Fine Art and boudoir images for private clients, I work with models for their portfolios and my personal web site where I offer prints, calendars, post cards, screen savers and CD's for sale. 

I was born in Michigan USA and in the eleven plus years as a photographer I have lived in 7 states through out the country. I currently live in Dallas Texas and travel at least 8 months of the year. My favorite places to travel and work are Phoenix Arizona, Orlando Florida and northern Idaho. North Eastern Michigan is another place I visit often and find it beautiful and ever changing. 

My goal as a photographer has never really been to make a living as a photographer, it just seems to have gone that way, like I always say "I just want to connect at the level of the soul". Photography and the art of it is the only way I am able to do that and that will always be my goal, to just create something that will remind people that there is more to life than what we are told, just look, listen and feel the beauty.
Location: Garland, Texas
Email: welchphoto@aol.com
Website: www.oddworldz.com/briancwelch
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