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Kerry Tracy

Kerry Tracy
Artist Statement: In a course of probably 28 years, since age 18, I have made a living as an artist and photographer, and sometimes the living didn't provide that much in the way of wealth. But it did bring me satisfaction in creating something. I guess the best place to begin is what or whom influenced me, early on. The answer to that would be Penthouse and Playboy, but primarily Penthouse. At an early age, I would sneak into my brothers bedroom and go through his secret stash of the magazine. Tony Ward was a big early on influence. Loved the way he could convey raw sexuality in every image he shot.

I can't go forward without mentioning that while the pictorials were hot, the Penthouse Forum helped create in my mind, fantasies that would help me later on in my future as an erotic photographer. Most of what I read, I would later set out to create before the camera. Then as time went on, I came upon a hard bound photo book by photographer, Robert Farber. I instantly became fascinated by his use of alternative ways of shooting the model. Vaseline over UV filters, hand made filters, fabric, etc.. His work made the nude models look as if they were paintings. As I grew in the area of photography, my maturing style merged these two early influences, and created what would be a depiction of what my present work now is. My 1990's work is more sedate and soft, then what I now shoot.

As I was in the process of growing photographically and becoming known, as well as published, (Libido and The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica) I went blind in my right eye. Long story short the macula was damaged. And while most would begin to use their left eye, this was not possible for me, least not until 7 years later, and with a course of treatments to the eye itself. In 2007, I met model Rachel Lawrence, and she convinced me to once again pickup the camera, offering herself as my muse. Jump ahead 3 years, and many images, and you have what I would like to think of some of my best work that just keeps evolving and getting better. My style has changed this time around. While once a darkroom hermit, who loved the look of film and grain, I am now fully digital. Additionally most of what I now create is run through 3 different graphic programs. I love color saturated, cross processed images, verses my old style of black and white, with diffusion. If I do switch an image to b&w then I go for a high contrast, or infa red. I no longer care if there is no detail in the dense areas, my vision is to hide within the color and saturation. Images are rarely if ever just as they were when I shoot them.

And for the record, I rarely if ever listen to a critique! Please spare me. No one should ever critique anothers work. Save it. I've done much better without ever listening to so called, know it alls in the professional trade. Shoot what you like, and what you love and how you want, and everything else will fall into place. My models are oiled for light glare and studio flash has now been replaced with hot lights. I love the look that it gives, I love to see how harsh light looks upon a nude body. My locations, if not in studio, can range from hotel suites to on location in and around my area of Kansas. I'm 25 miles south of downtown Kansas City Missouri.

I'm told that I am reclusive, eccentric, and a complete opposite of most photographers. My images depict sexuality, eroticism, fetish and fantasy. I'm a voyeur, with an extremely sexual mind.
Location: Olathe, KS
Email: ktracy32 @ att.net
Website: www.therapturegallery.com 
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