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John Running
The iconic John Running passed in January 2018. He was a longtime resident of Flagstaff, Arizona and was active in the local art scene. He was also a citizen artist of the world and he travled throughout his life, photographing everything as he went along. He shot extensively in the Middle East. He documented a close friend's horrific journey battling cancer. His documentary work and portraits of Native Americans is one of his more marvelous bodies of work. He was close to many residents of nearby Indian reservations and attended many gatherings throughout the country. Seemingly everyone loved John .. and trusted him. He had a magnetic glow that instantly attracted everyone fortunate enough to enter his orbit. His massive body of work, unflinching, intimate, and revelatory, attests to that privileged access.

In addition to photojournalism, portraiture, and many other genres, John photographed the human figure. His nudes possess the same level of intimacy and fearlessness that characterize his other works. He shot figure studies, nude portraits, and a variety of erotica that always showcased the unique beauty and splendor of his subject. Many models worked with John exclusively and collaborated with him over several years. 

John Running's photography is archived and available for viewing at at Northern Arizona University (NAU) housed in a Special Collections: http://library.nau.edu/speccoll/exhibits/running/collection.html

The world will not forget John Running; he'll live long in the hearts and minds of his family, friends, and all those he encountered. And the grandeur of his photography will last forever in the many books he published, the galleries and private collections he's in, and the John Running archive at Northern Arizona University.

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona USA
Websites: www.johnrunning.com | www.albumerotica.com
03-18  Tribute
02-18  Tribute
11-12  Lavella: Tutu with Hand
09-12  Isis in Jockey Bottoms
08-12  Kaylee: Nudes with Kudu
01-12  Nudes of Kaylee in the Studio
09-11  Nudes with Gemsbok
07-11  Kaylee: Nudes with Fishing Net
05-11  Winona
03-11  Taylor with Yucca Flowers
03-11  Aimee Breaks Through (Michelle7-Erotica)
02-11  Aimee Starts (Michelle7-Erotica)
01-11  Taylor and Sand Kudu
12-10  Taylor in the Sand
12-10  Aimee in Striped Stockings (Michelle7-Erotica)
11-10  Aimee: White Panties (Michelle7-Erotica)
11-10  Taylor: Nudes with Hoop on Sand
09-10  Nettie in Bed (Michelle7-Erotica)
08-10  Aimee: Enchanting in Black Panties (Michelle7-Erotica)
07-10  Natalia in the Grand Canyon
07-10  Nettie in the Tub (Michelle7-Erotica)
06-10  Nettie with a Mirror (Michelle7-Erotica)
05-10  Nettie in a Chair (Michelle7-Erotica)
04-10  Nettie with Hand (Michelle7-Erotica)
03-10  Aimee in White Tutu (Michelle7-Erotica)
02-10  Nettie: Egon (Michelle7-Erotica)
01-10  Aimee: Band Girl (Michelle7-Erotica)
12-09  Aimee: The Sabre
10-09  Dia the Fencer
10-09  Nettie: Framed Eros (Michelle7-Erotica)
12-08  Sara with the Elk Skull
11-08  Natalie & Kaylee: Bound
10-08  Brenna: Studio Erotica (Michelle7-Erotica)
08-08  Lissa #2
07-08  Lissa
04-08  Natalia: The Red Feather
04-08  Morgan: Tecopa Pool (Michelle7-Erotica)
04-08  Big Rope
03-08  Brandi in the Bath
02-08  Natalia in Ropes
11-06  Natalia: Antique Beaded Dress
10-06  Natalia: Road Trip with my Muse
02-06  Kristen
12-05  Natalia: Shapes
08-05  Joceline
06-05  Joceline (Michelle7-Erotica)
01-05  Kate (Michelle7-Erotica)
10-04  Kayla (Michelle7-Erotica)
10-04  General Exhibit
04-04  Sarah
02-04  General Exhibit
1997  General Exhibit
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