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Steve Diet Goedde
I've had an interest in photography since I was very young. My father had a small darkroom in our house when I was growing up in St. Louis. He used it primarily to develop and print photographs from our many family vacations. When I was old enough, he taught me the very basics of darkroom work, and that was pretty much my only training as a photographer. I never studied it in school. 

In high school, I started taking a serious interest in photography. Besides taking pictures, I also started studying other photographers' styles and techniques. I quickly became obsessed with Richard Avedon and Diane Arbus. Like most new photographers, I started out trying to mimic the styles of my heroes, but I quickly realized that I had my own style and aesthetic to develop. I used my friends as subjects and concentrated on straight portraiture. 

In 1985, I moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Instead of photography, I decided to study film-making. I felt I already had achieved my style and technique with photography, so I wanted to study something I did not have technical know-how of. But I quickly realized that I did not have the patience to deal with film-making. I would lose interest in projects after only a few days. Still photography gave me more immediate results so I decided to forgo my cinematic dreams and concentrate on my still images. I still refused to study photography in an academic setting so I just ended up dropping out of art school after two years. 

From 1991-1997, I photographed in Chicago and also made frequent trips to San Francisco. The images from this time period were chronicled in my first hardcover book,
The Beauty of Fetish

In 1997, I decided I needed a change of scenery and made the decision to move to a new city and most importantly, a new environment. I left the murky gray city of Chicago and headed out to the color-saturated landscape of Southern California. It was there that I made a whole new group of friends and colleagues who ultimately helped me forge my new style of photography. My first three years in California produced most of the work found in my second book,
The Beauty of Fetish: Volume II

Currently I am assembling material for my first DVD anthology, Living Vicariously through Steve Diet Goedde which will be released in June 2004. Also, my photography is currently on tour with the CrazySexyHollywood Art Exhibit featuring six of L.A.'s newest cutting-edge photographers. The show opened in October 2003 in San Francisco and then went on to L.A. and Phoenix. The show opens in Bologna Italy in April 2004 and then will travel to Montreal, New Mexico, and New York.
Address: Hollywood, California
Email: steve@stevedg.com
Website: www.stevedietgoedde.com
The Beauty of Fetish | The Beauty of Fetish: Volume II
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