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Jody Frost
ARTIST'S STATEMENT: As long as I can remember, I've been fascinated and at times, preoccupied with the body and human sexuality in all its vastly beautiful and mysterious permutations. In the beginning it was all about the physical realms of ecstasy that compelled me to explore my edges. Alternative sexuality, role-playing and fetishism have been spice and an arena for theater, sometimes a form of therapy. As I've grown older, I've come to appreciate and desire the eroticism of the mind and yes, the spirit as well. What I strive for these days, both in my personal life and as a photographer is the integration of Eros, spirit and the heart. To share that state of union with my loved one is the thing that quickens me now.

I came to photography as a model. Time on the other side of the lens helped to form my ideas of what it was I wanted to see in an image. I began by experimenting with self-portraits. Then I moved on to family and friends willing to expose themselves to my lens. Finally I began shooting models when working on something for commercial use. But photography has remained a form of journaling and a vehicle for self-exploration. I'm not always sure why I feel compelled to shoot what I do. I try to approach a session with an open mind and let intuition guide me. When I shoot self-portraits, I want to capture not me exactly but aspects of the feminine that I want to celebrate or at least. Of course like many photographers, my desire is to freeze in a frame that elusive 'something', the pure essence, the intangible that animates the flesh, perhaps tells a story. I was originally drawn to infrared film and have experimented with it off and on. I used to do all my own developing and printing but I don't have a darkroom anymore. So now everything goes to a lab and then I scan the neg. or slide and massage the print in Photoshop. I use a 35mm Canon and have a digital camera that I use occasionally. I'm self-taught except for a couple of workshops with Elizabeth Opalenik. I learned what I know from picking the brains of other photographers. Those who inspired me early on were Helmut Newton, Jeanloup Seiff, Robert Farber, Albert Watson, Nan Goldin, and Sally Mann, to name but a few. There are so many brilliant shooters with vision I can only aspire to. I stand in respect and awe of their talents and contribution. 

I have shown my work in galleries in New Mexico, Texas and News York, and have contributed to a handful of websites and magazines, and am included in a book called the Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography.
Location: Martinez, California, USA
Email: jodyfrost1 @ att.net
Website: www.frostfoto.com
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