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Jim Bateman
 On Shooting Erotica: Many novice photographers set their studio lighting up with 2 flash heads set behind the camera at equal height and power with the same soft boxes or umbrellas on each flash head such that the lighting is balanced and full on and the subject is well lit with little or no shadows. Well, my advice is to forget that set up for erotica.

In my opinion there is no definitive lighting set up for erotica. It is more about how you control the fall of light on the model to achieve the desired result. The best piece of lighting equipment I have for this in the studio is a 4ft x 1ft (120cm x 30cm) softbox which I often use as my only light source this has allowed me to produce many beautiful bodyscape shots of my models and also many other stunning shots when combined with other lights.

The advice I always give any photographer shooting any type of model for the first time is to keep a respectful distance from the model and to respect her personal space. However, for many erotic shots you will find yourself shooting closer to the model than you normally would; so it is very important to establish a level of trust with your model when working in this genre. Also, I find using a good zoom lens allows for as much space as possible to be left between you and the subject. I always make a point of describing to the model what I intend to shoot and from where so they are not surprised by where I shoot from. At times I also use extension tubes (usually used with macro photography) to permit very detailed close-ups. Once again, I let the model know what I am shooting so they are not surprised by the camera or lens should it touch their leg or arm.

You'll need a model that is very comfortable working to a level where they might be posing open leg with their labia clearly on display to the camera and photographer (even though in the final picture their labia may be hidden by shadows). This is where it is great to work with [model] Sami; I can shoot with her all day and for the whole time she is more than comfortable to be naked. Sami is what I would class as a natural exhibitionist as well as a great model. Very often we will start with a particular pose I am interested in capturing in a picture and she will develop that pose further by adjusting her arm, leg or torso position but all the time without a care in the world about what is on show to me or the camera. Although Sami does have her comfort levels for posing and does not cross them.

My ideas for shoots are a mix of my own ideas and inspiration gleaned from other photographer's amazing work. I'm also inspired by the models I work with, such as Sami. Many of my best shots are the direct result of the model putting her own slant on a pose I have suggested. I also focus upon a model's particular attributes. For example, a model that possesses large, beautiful labial lips will inspire me to dedicate a number of shots to shooting them in great detail. It may also come as no surprise to anyone that knows me to hear that there is nothing I love more than a nicely shaped ass in front of my camera. I love shooting them from many angles.

Location: England
Email: jbate10628@gmail.com
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